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Does the thought of "getting organized" in addition to everything else you've got on your plate stress you out? Let me tell you a secret—you're not alone! Most people aren't naturally organized, but that doesn't mean they can't get there. Organized living is a complex puzzle, and most of us need help completing it. That's why professional organizers exist!

At iOrganize we've been helping women in North/Central Louisiana solve their home organization puzzles since 2016. It's our joy to teach you to use routines, systems and organization in creating a simplified, streamlined life.

Whether you'd benefit from virtual coaching to get started on a big project or need hands-on assistance throughout your home, iOrganize can help you achieve your lifestyle goals. Professional organization is more than a pretty closet or picked-up playroom. In addition to complete confidentiality, you'll receive sustainable organizing solutions that will transform the way you live. 

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Phone Consultation


Take the first step!  

Let's hop on a call and talk about your project.  

This initial call is completely free, confidential and requires zero commitment.

In-Home Consultation


 After we chat on the phone, the next step is an in-home walkthrough of your space.  This allows for a more detailed assessment of your needs and is the starting point for developing your unique, sustainable organizing solutions.

Organizing Services


Let's get started! 

Our all-inclusive quotes make the organization process simple, predictable and fun.  

We'll  work with you to purge in the space. Then, we'll handle all the details and teach you tips and tricks for staying organized long after we leave your home.



"On my own, I dread organizing things at home.  Rachel was gracious to help me tackle my clutter.  She took the torment out of my decision making and helped me stay on task throughout the process.  Together we transformed my laundry room and supply room.  She even hauled off all the unwanted items, which was an extra bonus for me.  Rachel was not afraid of hard work and will do what it takes to get the job done.  Get her in your space soon!




Meet the Organizer

 Hi, I am Rachel, founder of iOrganize. I love helping women simplify their spaces with the ultimate goal of creating streamlined, peaceful, family-centric lifestyles.

 My knack for organizing comes from experience. As a wife, mom, small business owner and teacher, an organized lifestyle is essential. The strategies I've developed over the years help me stay focused, reliable, punctual and prepared as I juggle all my responsibilities.

I love sharing these strategies with you. It's my absolute joy to see my clients love their homes and feel confident in their spaces. I look forward to working with you.  


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